Tools for Rapid Simulation Modeling for the ‘Paper Switching’ Application


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Table of Contents

Tools for Rapid Simulation Modeling for the ‘Paper Switching’ Application

A Modest Proposal

Who is this guy? What is AutoMod?


AutoMod Applications

Transportation Applications

Demonstration: A Rail Demo Model


The Challenge

Example: Rapid Model Building

Demonstration: The Taco Bell Template Model

What’s a Template Model?

Is a Template Model Possible for the Paper Switching Application?

What’s in the AutoMod Toolkit?

The AutoMod Toolkit: MCM/MMS

MCM/MMS: Actual Applications

MCM/MMS - Overview

Demonstration: MCM/MMS In Action

What is MMS?

What is MMS?

MMS Time Management: Exact and Periodic Mode

MMS Applications

Applications: US Postal Service

Postal Model

Applications: Semi-Conductor (Presented at ASI Symposium, June‘99)

Applications: Ergonomics

The AutoMod Toolkit: Variables

The AutoMod Toolkit: Variables

Replay and Checkpoint/Restart

AutoMod’s Train Template

Requirements for a Custom Interactive Front-End

Standardized Inputs and Reports

Standardized Set of Decisions


Summary: An Approach to Rapid Modeling for ‘Paper Switching’

Discussion: Q & A

Author: John Carson


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