Philadelphia Meeting

Liberty Bell The Fall 1999 INFORMS National Meeting will be held in Philadelphia, November 7-10, 1999. For more information, contact David Hunt, ALK Associates, the cluster chair, at 609-683-0220, ext. 132, or by e-mail at

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RASIG Roundtable "Rapid Simulation Modeling of Rail Operations."

Sunday, Nov. 7, 1-5 PM, Marriott Hotel, Room 412
Coordinator,  Erick Wikum, Schneider National, 920-592-2159.

Erick Wikum made  introductory remarks.   Alan Brown of Norfolk Southern related experiences in using simulation to impact decisions that required rapid response, Simulation on a Shoestring. Dr. John Carson of AutoSimulations Inc. suggested ways that software might aid in such exercises in Tools for Rapid Simulation Modeling for the Paper Switching Application.

Erick Wikum
Erick Wikum
Alan Brown
Alan Brown
Snack Break
A Taste of Philadelphia
John Carson
John Carson

Business Meeting

Sunday, Nov. 7, 5-6 PM, Marriott Hotel, Room 412.
Chair,  Erick Wikum, Schneider National, 920-592-2159.

Dutch Treat Dinner

Sunday Evening

RASIG members and others who are interested gathered at the Plough and Stars for dinner.

Session 1 - Modal Perspectives on Transportation Logistics

Session MA39, Monday, Nov. 8, 8:15-9:45, Philadelphia Conference Center, Room 203A.
Chair: Dharma Acharya, CSX Transportation,

This session will focus on presenting the issues and factors that are critical in freight transportation logistics. Methodologies used in addressing these logistics issues/factors by shipper and transportation service providers (primarily focusing on motor carrier and railroad) will be discussed.

Session 2 - Rail Operations Planning

Session MC39, Monday, Nov. 8, 1:15-2:45 PM, Philadelphia Conference Center, Room 203A.
Chair - Ajith Wijeratne, Norfolk Southern,

Optimizing Intermodal Rail Operations

Alexandra Newman, Naval Post Graduate Institute,

We propose an optimization model designed to increase operational efficiency of intermodal trains. We explain how this model can be used in various planning settings, how it can be tailored, and how it can be extended to aid in decision making above and beyond intermodal train scheduling and container routing.

NS Locomotive Fleet Planning System (LPS)

Ajith Wijeratne, Norfolk Southern,, Arun Marar, Princeton University

We have created a locomotive fleet planning system based on NS Locomotive Routing Model developed at Princeton University CASTLE research lab.  The routing model has been calibrated for NS operations based on historical data.  LPS can be used to identify the tradeoffs between fleet size and locomotive utilization and train delay.  We present an overview of the software and a summary of fleet sizing experiment results.

Strategic Fleet Planning with Schedule Flexibility

Guy Desaulniers, Ecole Polytechnique and GERAD, Montreal, Quebec,, Francois Soumis, Ecole Polytechnique and GERAD, Montreal, Quebec,, and Michel Dubois Ecole Polytechnique and GERAD, Montreal, Quebec,

In this talk, we present a strategic fleet planning system that was developed for a study at VIA Rail Canada. Given a target weekly train schedule with passenger demand, the system determines unit cycles such that demand is satisfied, inspection requirements are met, and total (fixed and variable) costs are minimized, while allowing some flexibility on train departure times. The system also includes a tool to evaluate passenger demand for a given train schedule.

Other Sessions of Interest

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